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 SPACECASE Insulated Box 

The Pelican Spacecase is a tough purpose built performer offering secure storage for your valuables. Moulded from UV stabilised polyethylene plastic this is a high strength rugged case.


  • Water Resistant
  • Dent Proof
  • Rubber Handles
  • Zinc Plated and E-coated Hardware – Stainless Steel hardware also available
  • Padlockable Lock
  • Keeper Pin to prevent opening under vibration
  • Interlocking Male/Female Ribs for secure stacking

Combine the Pelican Spacecase with our custom PRO-Inserts to keep your items safe and secure.

At Caseline we offer our PRO-Inserts, which are a high quality custom made foam insert. Manufactured in-house, our inserts can be designed for every Spacecase shape and size.


Insulated Box Range

Product Code External L x W x H (mm) Internal L x W x H (mm) Weight (kg) Price (Inc GST)
BS060042034ULT 620mm x 410 x 340 515 x 305 x 230 8.20 $475.00
BS062062045ULT1 620mm x 620 x 450 500 x 500 x 320 13.00 $700.00
BS124062045ULT1 1240mm x 620 x 450 1115 x 500 x 320 28.00 $935.00


A Interlocking Male/Female Ribs for secure non-slip stacking on matched size cases

B Comfortable Rubber Grip Handles

C Recessed hardware protected from impact, snag-free exterior

D Zinc Plated and E-coated Hardware - Stainless Steel hardware is also available




E Keeper Pin prevents opening under vibration

F Over Centre Padlockable Lock to keep the inside cargo secure

G Weather Resistant Sealing System. EPDM hollow sponge seal in lid prevents moisture ingress. Moulded tongue-in-groove parting line maintains original configuration after impact

H Reinforced Corners and Edges. 15-20% thicker corners and edges for added impact protection



All Spacecases are available in Blue or Grey as Standard. Other colours available at an additonal cost of 10%.  Custom colours can be manufactured to order and minimum order quantities apply. Please contact us by phone (03 5248 8573) or email ( for queries relating to Other Colours, Custom colours and Accessories.

Pelican Spacecase BS060042034ULT

Pelican Spacecase BS060042034ULT

Internal sizes mm:

L-515 W-305 H-230


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Pelican Spacecase BS062062045ULT1

Pelican Spacecase BS062062045ULT1

Internal sizes mm:

L-500 W-500 H-320


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Pelican Spacecase BS124062045ULT1

Pelican Spacecase BS124062045ULT1

Internal sizes mm:

L-1115 W-500 H-320


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